4 1/2″ Backing Pads

Our special spiral design allows air to flow through the slotted hub and between the spirals on the face of the pad. This extends the disc life by 30% to 50% by keeping the disc cool and free of loading.

  • Spiralcool backing pads are manufactured and stocked with a 5/8 inch smooth bore hub. To ensure that you receive the correct pad, please specify make, model, and thread size of tool.
  • Pads are available in 3/8-24 bore.
  • For special thread sizes please specify when ordering.
  • For special applications or current prices please contact Spiralcool or your local industrial/welding supply distributor.
  • No merchandise may be returned without permission from us in writing.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • Terms: Net 30 Days; F.O.B. Bellevue, Ohio.
  • Minimum Order: six (6) backing pads or twelve (12) pieces of hardware.


Q. What pad should I order to use with a 4 ½” tool?

A. It is best to call us with the make & model no. of the tool. We suggest an R425-5/8SB if you do not have information on the tool.

Q. The center nut is not long enough to thread all the way on the tool.

A. This problem is predominant in the 4 ½” size. Occasionally the 5” tools also have short spindles. We suggest using a smooth bore pad, in other words a pad with no threads. Smooth bore pads have the nose cut off the hub which decreases the depth of the hub. We may suggest R425-5/8SB (4 ½”) or R500-5/8SB (5”).